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How often should I use any given product?

How often should I use any given product?


How often should you be applying the product?

Daily? Twice daily? Every other day?


The answer: it depends!


By asking yourself some of the following questions, you can figure it out:

  • How harsh is your soap? (have you considered throwing it all out?)
  • What is your diet like?
  • Are you massively deficient in saturated fats and fat soluble vitamins?
  • What's the humidity like in your house/where you live?
  • What kind of water are you showering in/bathing in?
  • How old are you?
  • Are you chugging plain water? (and depleting your body's mineral stores)

Use your own judgement. Look at your skin in the morning. Does it seem dry and feel like it needs some help? Yes? Then give it some support! Apply a thin layer of either the Face, the Body Butter (I use it on my face), or the FATSTK. Just a thin layer. A little bit of saturated fats goes a long way.

If you're dry again at night, then perhaps re-apply another thin layer. Then check again in the morning. 

Skincare routine?

I don't believe in a skincare routine or a regimented schedule. The seasons change, your diet fluctuates. Your skincare can adapt to that. If you're new to tallow or any of these products, check in every day and see what your skin needs. In most cases, less is more. 


It's too heavy under makeup

I don't wear makeup anymore, maybe just some mascara now and then. I would love it for every woman to toss out their foundation, but it takes time to get comfortable with yourself when you're used to looking a certain way.

I find all of my products are a bit too heavy to wear under makeup, so I advise women to try applying it at night. 

Men - apply whenever and wherever. You're good to go!


Caitlin's skincare routine

It is DRY where I live and 3000ft above sea level. We keep our windows open much of the summer (which is only 4 months long here, haha). 

  • Winter - apply every 2 days
  • Summer - once or twice per week
  • Summer at the lake - every day after-sun


Body butter or Face?

I use both interchangeably on my face. Personally, the body has always worked really well on my face, and I like the richness of the jojoba and the higher tallow and cacao butter content. Sure, it's "heavy", but I'm obsessed with the glow it gives me and the way it brings life back into my face. My skin looks well fed, plump and youthful. 

If you've used squalane before and you know it works or doesn't work for you, then let that help you decide which product to try first. I've have people with cystic acne have success with it and others who haven't. Same for jojoba. 

This relates back to the blog post I wrote on comedogenic ratings: they are irrelevant because it's all super individual. You truly have to try the oils/butters yourself to figure out what works for you and what doesn't. What may clog your pores won't clog someone else's and vice versa. What I really love about my product is that with so few ingredients it's much simpler to narrow down what works for you and what doesn't! Good luck figuring out what irritated your skin with an ingredient list that's 40 items long.


What has the most tallow in it?

If you're like me and tallow is your favorite ingredient, this may be helpful:

  1. Whipped Body Butter
  3. FACE
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