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The Ultimate Pro Metabolic Gift Guide: 50 Wellness Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

The Ultimate Pro Metabolic Gift Guide: 50 Wellness Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Tis’ the season to spread holiday cheer and healthy habits.   

We’ve compiled a list of all our favorite tried and true wellness products to support a balanced, abundant, and pro-metabolic lifestyle.  

Whether you’re shopping for your mom, husband, kiddos, or even yourself– these are gifts that keep on giving well into the new year.

Pro Metabolic Wellness Gifts for Her


1. Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and Diet Dictocrats

Nourishing Traditions Cookbook on countertop.

Give her a thought-provoking guide to nourishing foods that’ll inspire her in the kitchen.  This is no ordinary cookbook.  Nourishing Traditions goes deep into the research behind the necessity of animal fats for every aspect of human health.  She’ll also learn how to properly prepare grains and create rich sauces that aid digestion and nutrient absorption.  Buy for $35.


2. Mold-free organic coffee

Purity coffee in orange metabolic health bag.

Help her start her day off right with a cup of joe free of mycotoxins, mold, and harmful byproducts.  This specialty-grade organic coffee is packed with antioxidants and metabolism-boosting benefits. The perfect complement to a nourishing breakfast.  Available in the US and Canada.  Buy for $24.


3. FATSKN Face- Frankincense

If skin concerns are top of mind for the woman in your life, this one’s for her.  This ultra-nourishing cream uses grass-fed tallow and sustainably sourced frankincense resin to moisturize, promote cell regeneration, calm inflammation, reduce redness, soften lines, and clear acne-causing bacteria.  Brace yourself for some aggressive hugs if you gift her this– you’ve been warned. Buy for $49 .


4. Non-toxic cookware set

Cooking eggs in a nontoxic pan.
Why not give her the gift of peace of mind with a truly nontoxic cookware set?  Cooking up a storm is way more fun when you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals or trace metals getting in the mix. Buy for $60.


5. Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient


If she’s an adventurous foodie at heart– this’ll be a winner.  Over 100 sweet and savory recipes with butter, pork, poultry, beef,  and lamb fats.  The house will smell like Slow Roasted Pork Belly with Fennel and Rosemary by New Year’s Eve.  You’re welcome.  Buy for $28.


6. Bioenergetic anti-aging skincare

Pre-Sun is the perfect gift for any woman in your life who wants better skin and a healthier metabolism.  This luxurious blend of saturated fats, fat-soluble vitamin C, and methylene blue tackles both concerns by actively repairing and preventing oxidative damage on the skin while boosting overall cellular energy.  She’ll notice her skin is fuller, more hydrated, and more elastic, along with better energy levels and mental clarity.  Pairs beautifully with a red light therapy device for the ultimate metabolic revival.  Buy for $89.


7. Body brush

Dry body brush.

 What better way to start the new year than with perfectly exfoliated skin?  Dry brushing is also amazing for circulation and supports lymphatic drainage.  Her skin will thank you.  Pairs nicely with our Fatskn Whipped Body Butter for glowy, moisturized skin all winter long.  Buy for $14.


8. FATSKN Tallow Lip Balm

Help her beat chapped lips this season with a protective, tallow-based lip balm.  Grass-fed tallow, raw honey, unrefined cocoa butter, and a touch of Alberta beeswax work together to repair and lock in moisture.  She’ll be obsessed.  Buy for $15.


9. How to Heal Your Metabolism

How to heal your metabolism.
If this isn’t already on her bookshelf, hook her up!  This pro-metabolic resource flips everything we thought we knew about health on its head– and it just makes sense.  It will quickly become her go-to guide for all things nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle. Buy for $27.


10. Barefoot Boots

Barefoot boots.

Barefoot shoes are gaining traction in the wellness space because they’re just so good for you.  They support foot strength, improve balance, and reduce the risk of injury.  If she’s into Ugg boots (but not the clunky sole), surprise her with these as a comfy and on-trend replacement.  Buy for $175.


11. Red Reading Light

Book light red light.

The best reading light out there.  A thoughtful gift for any bookworm on your list, but especially for night readers.  This adjustable red light will allow her to turn pages into the evening without disrupting her sleep cycle.  Maintaining the natural rhythms of the body is essential to metabolic health.  Buy for $19.


12. Blue light glasses

Yellow blue light glasses.

A great gift for ladies who find themselves staring at screens all day– which, unfortunately, is most of us in our modern world.  To help cancel out some of the negative effects, these stylish blue light blockers will keep her protected while she’s being productive.  Plus, the yellow lenses work best for all-day protection without the added darkness of red lenses. Buy for $130.


13. Natural fiber clothing

Woman wearing red natural fiber long-sleeve shirt.

We care a lot about what goes into our bodies– but we tend to forget about what goes on them.  Remind her how important it is to wear natural fibers with a new pair of comfy leggings or basic layers made with organic cotton or merino wool.  You can read about more places to find natural fiber clothing in this blog post. Buy for $93.


14. Dehydrated sourdough starter 

Homemade sourdough bread.

Has she always wanted to bake her own sourdough?  Bring her bread-making dreams to life by launching her sourdough journey with a dehydrated starter.  Even if she doesn’t have the time (or patience) to build her own starter, she can easily reactivate this one in just a few days with flour and water.  She’ll be slicing and serving her very own sourdough by the end of the week. Buy for $15.


15. Kyrgies

natural house slippers in grey.

Cold winter weather means an even colder kitchen floor.  These handmade wool house shoes will keep her nice and toasty all season long.  Not only is wool a good-for-her natural fiber, but it's also moisture-wicking and odor-resistant.  A win-win-win.  These stylish slides come with a classic slipper sole or a more durable rubber sole that can be worn outdoors.  Buy for $89.

Pro Metabolic Wellness Gifts for Him


16. Primal kitchen sauces

Primal kitchen sauces.

We all know how many dressings and sauces on the shelves are loaded with inflammatory industrial seed oils.  Toss 'em out and gift him a set of ones full of flavor and none of the bad stuff.  Paying a few more bucks for pantry staples that don't hinder your health is always worth it. Buy for less than $20.


17. Sage & Shepard Meat Club Subscription

Assorted meat.

This is a gift the whole family will appreciate.  Surprise your man with a monthly meat box subscription to ensure he always has the best grass-fed and pastured animal products on hand for roasting and grilling his meat-loving heart out. Buy for $150.

18. Complete Meat Cookbook

Complete meat cookbook.

This is an all-in-one guide to help him sift through wellness labels, choose meat actually worth the price tag, and prepare dishes for every cut and occasion.  He’ll graduate to grill master in no time.  Would pair well with a custom leather apron to help him look the part. Buy for $43.

19. Jerky Snacks

Jerky in a jar.

Is your guy always on the move?  Make sure he has nutritious snacks at the ready.  Grass-fed jerky is a great way to boost energy and sneak in some fat-soluble vitamins to keep him going until his next meal.  Buy for $6.


20. Higher Healths supplements 

Better healths Supplements.

Help him keep his health on track with high-quality supplements that support his body and fill in the gaps.  It’s always a good idea to consult with your healthcare team before implementing any supplements into your routine– so even a gift card in his stocking would be a sweet, yet mindful, surprise. Buy the bundle for $160.


21. Hair Like a Fox: A Bioenergetic View of Pattern Hair Loss

Hair like a fox book.

This short, info-packed read is a great gift for anyone looking to support their body, but especially those wanting to mitigate hair loss.  Danny Roddy dives deep into the actual science behind hair loss (not the stuff you see on infomercials).  He also shares practical tips your man can put into action today to support his cells and grow “hair like a fox.”  Buy for $5.


22. Emf Headphones

EMF headphones.

It's no secret that the impressive tech of today has its drawbacks– especially when it comes to health.  Help the man in your life armor up against the EMF radiation he’s most likely surrounded by on a daily basis.  Defender Shield also has protective blankets, clothing, and other tech accessories for whatever his needs may be.  Buy for $180.


23. Trigger Point Back Massager

Trigger point rod.

Ease the tension with this handheld trigger point massage stick. In just a few minutes, he’ll work out knots he didn’t even know he had, improving circulation and energy metabolism.  Throw in our Magnesium Body Lotion for the ultimate workout recovery gift.  Buy for $50.


24. Spruce Resin Salve

Truly a  no-brainer for your guy.  This tallow salve is wild-crafted with ethically harvested spruce resin so he can defend his skin against the harsh winter elements– while smelling like the great north woods.  Buy for $48 


25. Mag stick deodorant

Magnesium provides powerful protection against sweat and odor.  We paired it with our FATSTK formula, and voila– an effective, all-natural deodorant.  Read our blog on magnesium for more on the science behind why it works wonders for B.O. and so many other things.  Buy for $28.


26. Organic cotton clothes

Man wearing Pact sweatshirt.

Help him make the transition to more natural fiber clothing with a stack of new tees, cozy sweatshirts, or some long underwear for the winter months.  He won’t want to go back. Buy for $70.

27. Barefoot Boots

Men's barefoot boots.

Looking for a practical gift that he’ll get lots of use out of?  These boots are just that.  Whether he’s chopping wood, hiking, or running into town, these waterproof boots will protect his feet without unnaturally restricting movement (like with narrow toe-boxes). Buy for $185.

28. Wool socks

Men's wool socks.

Who doesn’t love opening a box of some quality socks on Christmas morn’?  (Just make sure he’s willing to part with all the ones in his drawer that have holes to make some room).  A suitable stocking stuffer or supporting act to a new pair of barefoot boots. Buy for $29.

29. Custom leather works 

Genuine leather passport wallet.

A well-made leather belt, wallet, notebook, scorecard cover, or even an apron for grilling and woodworking are all incredibly thoughtful, masculine gifts he could enjoy for years to come.  If you live in Calgary, Little Lion Man Leather is a local, machine-free operation that specializes in custom leather works.  Definitely worth supporting!

Pro Metabolic Wellness Gifts for Littles


30. Natural fiber clothing

Children's natural fiber shirt.

Let your little explorer’s personality shine through with vibrant Merino tops, bottoms, sleepers, beanies, and more.  Wee Woolies are made with New Zealand Merino wool for premium comfort and performance so they’ll be ready for every winter adventure!  Shop for $37.

31. Barefoot Winter Boots

Children's barefoot boots.

Every kid needs a solid pair of winter boots.  These barefoot boots support healthy foot development as they explore the vastness of their backyards and beyond.  Buy for $92.


32. FATBABY Whipped Body Butter

Make dry chapped cheeks a thing of the past this winter.  Give your littles the gift of happy, healthy skin so they can focus on fun.  FATBABY also works as a gentler alternative to overkill diaper rash creams.  Buy for $37.


33. Wool pillows

Cotton pillows on a bed.

These non-synthetic, non-toxic pillows are hypoallergenic so your kiddos can sleep soundly through the night– and recover from the holiday craziness.  Not all wool pillows are created equal, these are made with 100% pure new wool and covered with 100% cotton– no chemical smell here.  Buy for $66.


34. Organic Beeswax Crayons

Natural beeswax crayons.

Let them embrace their creativity without the toxic industrial waxes in conventional crayons.  “Art is as natural as sunshine and as vital as nourishment.” –MaryAnn F. Kohl.  Buy for $20.


35. Natural head drum

Goat skin drum.

Introduce the wonder of music with this hand-carved, natural fiber wood drum.  Music has powerful effects on the human mind and ignites overall child development. Buy for $100.


36. Indoor Herb Garden kit

Indoor gardening kit.

Such a fun one!  It’s never too early to learn about growing your own food.  This is an excellent way to work side by side with your child, teach them the magic of caring for something well, harvesting the fruit of their labor, and using it to create in the kitchen. Buy for $34.


37. Montessori Puzzles


Get their little wheels turning with fun educational puzzles made with durable, natural materials that will last long after Christmas morning.  Buy for $45.


38. Responsibility cards

Responsibility cards.

This adorable (and aesthetic) printable will help your kids develop healthy habits and a daily routine early on.  These foundations build self-esteem, discipline, concentration, and minimize frustration.  All music to every parent’s ears. Buy for $4.

Pro Metabolic Wellness Gifts for Home


39. BonCharge light bulbs

Red light bulb.

Another great gift to minimize blue light pollution in your home is circadian-friendly lighting. These bulbs are perfect for the bedroom, so you can read or relax before bed without disturbing your sleep cycle. Buy for $20.


40. Engraved wooden utensil set

Wooden utensil set.

A thoughtful and personal gift to show how much you care.  Made with all-natural materials that’ll compliment any kitchen and last for years. Buy for $30.


41. Aarke water carbonator

Water carbonator.

This chic, user-friendly carbonator is a worthwhile family gift.  Make homemade seltzers and even your own magnesium bicarb– anytime you want!  Buy for $299.


42. Fatstk

A family favorite that should be a staple in every home. Help your loved ones ditch petroleum-based products and switch to all-natural saturated fats. This multipurpose balm tackles everything from dry skin, chapped lips, parched heels, windburn, peeling cuticles, and any other skin irritation. Buy for $30.


43. Beeswax candles

Beeswax candles in a jar.

FATSKN beeswax candles are in the works, but for now, we love these ones! They're all you’d ever want in a candle– slow-burning, no fillers, and natural air purification. Great to have throughout your home all year round, but especially during the darker months for a cozy feel without all the toxins. Buy for $28.


44. Air Purifier

Air purifier.

Give the gift of clean air this year with an air purifier.  This one is third-party tested and cuts down on allergens in the air like dust, pollen, mold, smoke, and odors by 99.97%.  A fresh start for the new year.  Buy for $189.

We also love AirDoctor filters that capture particles 100 times smaller than the HEPA standard. (Plus, Kendra @theholisticmother usually has a good coupon code you can use!) 


45. Shower filter

Aquasana shower filter.

Clean water is always a great investment for your home and your health.   Filter out chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, herbicides, and other volatile compounds from your shower to improve the health and hydration of your whole family’s skin and hair.  Especially helpful for those dealing with psoriasis, eczema, or dandruff. Buy for $138.


46. Organic Mattress

Organic mattress.

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping we should care about something we spend so much time doing.  Ensure you and your family are getting the healthiest sleep possible with certified organic mattresses.  The Kiwi organic mattress is our favorite because it’s VOC-free and has hands-down the best support compared to other organic mattresses. Buy for $799.


47. Organic cotton sheets

Organic sheets.

Our sheets come in direct contact with our skin for roughly 7-10 hours a day.  This gift will help your loved ones rest easy, knowing their sheets don’t contain harmful chemicals and won’t trigger allergic reactions.  And if you’re feeling extra fancy, linen sheets are well worth the investment. Buy for $95.


48. Winter potted plants

Pothos potted plant.

What better way to brighten up your home this winter than with the gift of a low-maintenance house plant?  A pothos is a great low-light option for those of us who have a less-than-green thumb.  And it's known to be one of the best at purifying the air.  Buy for $12.


49. Red light therapy device

Red light therapy board.

A great gift for the home to support mitochondrial energy production and boost overall metabolic rate.  Red light therapy is also known to reduce stress and minimize free radical damage– an excellent healing tool for the whole family. Buy for $315.


50. Fatskn Gift Card

Fatskn tallow skincare gift card.

Perfect for when you want to give them something you know they'll love!  Let them browse all of our nutrient-packed grassfed and finished tallow skincare made with only the most nourishing ingredients found in nature. You can't go wrong. Shop for $25, $50, or $100.




And that’s a wrap!  As always, while we hope to be a no-nonsense resource, we encourage you to do your own research to find the healthiest options for you and your loved ones.  You can check out our whole collection of good-for-you, tallow-based skincare products by clicking the link below.  We hope to see you there– happy holidays!


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