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As a lifelong wellness enthusiast, I’m no stranger to trying weird things in the name of health.

But beef fat skincare is definitely one of the weirdest, lol.

so here's how it all began.

When my husband and I got serious about starting a family back in 2017, everything changed.

I stopped taking hormonal birth control (good riddance) and wanted to make sure my body was ready for pregnancy.

Naturally, I went into full-on research mode.

I dove deep into topics like fertility, digestion, fetal development, nutrients, supplements, and any other tangent that popped up along the way.

This is what prompted me to not only look more closely at what I put in my body, but also what I put on my body.

I knew how important it was to avoid toxins in my food...

but I had no idea how much my personal care products were impacting my health.

Between fluoride toothpaste, aluminum deodorant, and petroleum-based body lotion… 

my endocrine system was fighting an uphill battle.

something had to give.

I decided to toss anything with “fragrance” or “parfum” on the label and ditched products with harsh sulfates, parabens, and any other man-made chemicals.

Thus commenced my hunt for cleaner beauty products.

But I quickly realized that not everyone’s definition of “clean” was the same as mine.

Even products that claimed to be “all-natural” were full of unnecessary ingredients.  

I was hitting a wall.

I just wanted something simple. 

Something that worked with my body instead of against it.

Then I thought…

I’ll just make my own.

So further down the rabbit hole, I went.

In search of the most beneficial, whole-food ingredients to create products that were actually good for my family.

From the start, I knew I wanted to focus on saturated fats.

They’re more stable in structure and far more resistant to oxidation than unsaturated fats.

enter grassfed tallow.

This was a no-brainer for me.

Highly saturated, loaded with fat-soluble vitamins, and rich in skin-strengthening amino acids.

And my skin LOVED IT.

Not only did my skin look healthier—  it actually was healthier.

It retained moisture better, tanned easier, and felt buttery soft.

I could finally feel good about what I was putting on my skin.

but I knew I wasn’t the only one

seeking something more holistic...

I wanted to share this stuff with the world.

and so, FATSKN was born

to finally uncomplicate skincare and bring better options to the table.

juggling a growing family and a budding business hasn't always been easy...

but it's been more than worth it

to help others solve skin issues without compromising their health.

As we continue to grow our collections, research fresh ingredients, and play with new recipes...

my promise to you is that we'll always stay true to our roots and put your health first.

every single time.

We'll never compromise on sourcing or cut corners in the kitchen.


I blend each batch as if I were making it for myself and my family.

meet the one who started it all.

a decadent all-over moisturizer made with just three saturated ingredients to nourish and repair.

say "hi" to our ranch partners.

They're the ones who make it all happen. For real.

Without the hard work of these families, we wouldn't have access to the nutrient-rich 100% grassfed and grassfinished tallow that goes into each FATSKN product.

Trail's End Beef

A family-first ranch nestled in Porcupine Hills of southern Alberta.  Their emphasis on low-stress handling and rotational grazing ensures a healthy herd and thriving soil. 

Vanderkley Valley Farm

Nolan and Brooke Vanderkley (and their two kiddos) are first-generation regenerative farmers passionate about sustainable agriculture and freely grazing cattle. 

Mitchell Bros. Beef

This family-run cattle ranch prioritizes biodiversity and stress-free pasture roaming. Their cattle are never raised in confinement or fed antibiotics, hormones, or grain. 

Lucends Ranch

This certified organic grassfed ranch is a family affair. They work with a deep conviction to provide their cattle with healthy pastures and fresh water throughout their entire lives. 

Brooksdale Coulee Farms

Josh Cormack and his sweet fam ensure their free-grazing herd of Black Angus cattle have the highest (happiest) quality of life– with plenty of sunshine and room to roam. 

TK Ranch

With environmental sustainability and animal welfare at the heart of their ranching business, the Biggs family has spearheaded the direct marketing movement. 

"going green" isn't really our thing.

Discover the real reason we make conscious choices below.